Digital music distribution and artist services.


Our direct deals with content platforms span the globe. Let’s get your music on ALL the top services – MAXIMIZING your exposure and earning you the top money possible.

Content Development.

Building a strong content catalog is the best way to amplify & grow. We have helped countless artists and records labels develop content strategies for success.

Your music and content need a voice – one that understands an ever-changing industry. We will knock on every door until there are no more left. Let’s get you heard.

Sell Your Music Online.

As an independent record label, getting your music into the biggest online music stores can be apainful and tedious process. But worry no more if you are reading this you have already foundthe solution you’re looking for!

Triplepoint’s Premium Distribution service makes it easier than ever to remain independent and save you valuable time and money. Our top-notch system allows you to organize and manage the day to day tasks of running a business. From Distribution to Accounting and Promotion, and everything in between, you can see the progress and growth of your music in just one place!

Regardless of the size of your label or what stage of your career you are in, Triplepoint has a distribution option that can help you accomplish your goals.

Get Your Music Into The Stores That Matter.

We have exceptional deals with over 110 stores worldwide, including Spotify, Deezer, iTunes,Apple Music, Beatport, Amazon and Youtube to name just a few. We can help you reach the fans that are waiting for your music.

Our customer support is second to none-a team of experienced entrepreneurs, record label owners and artists. We understand your needs because they are our needs too. No email or question goes unanswered, ever!

Additionally, we have a wide range of tools that can make your life that much easier and we are always working on the next feature to rewrite the rules of music business… again.

Any Questions?

How Much Does It Cost?

We take a small 15% fee from your net royalties. There are no other costs and we promise you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

What Are The Benefits?

In addition to our Premium Distribution tools, each label accepted for Premium Distribution will be given free access to our promotion, accounting and demo management tools, a saving of almost $480.00 USD each year.

How Do I Get Paid?

We send royalty reports monthly (within the first week of each month), you can request payment by Paypal or Bank Transfer at anytime once you have met the minimum payment threshold of $10.00 USD.

Do You Provide UPC / ISRC Codes?

Yes we do and we don’t charge you a penny for them, or you can use your own if you prefer.


What Stores Are Included?

We currently distribute to over 110 stores including Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Traxsource, Amazon, Youtube, Soundcloud and many more

Apple Music

Monitor Your Sales at All Times With in Depth Sales Reporting.

With the biggest selection of stores reporting your sales figures daily, and our transparent royalty analytics platform, you can rest assured that we give you the information you need, when you need it most.

Sending Music to the Right Device, at the Right Time, Delivers Better Results.

With our powerful Promo Scheduling tools you can now control the exact moment your promo will arrive in DJs hands. We handle how it gets there; you just need to decide when. Timing is everything, so they say!

Premium Service Distribution.​

With our Premium Service Distribution you have Music Distribution, Promotion, Accounting, Rights Management, Marketing, Artist Services, Label Services, YouTube Monetization and Spotify Playlist Promotion.

• Upload your music directly to over 100 markets worldwide including Deezer, Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Traxsource, Amazon and Youtube.
• Keep 85% of your royalties.
• No set-up fees, no distribution fees, no subscription fees.
• Get detailed monthly royalty reports and request payments at any time via PayPal or Bank Transfer.
• Free ISRC and UPC Codes.
• Daily sales reporting for participating stores (including Beatport, iTunes, Apple Music, Traxsource, Deezer, Amazon and Google Play).
• Share live sales reports with artists using a secure URL.
• Automatic link retrieval for participating stores so you and your artists can promote your music as soon as it’s released.
• Chart tracking for participating stores showing daily positions on overall and genre charts.
• Integrated Beatport DJ Chart feed to help you see which DJs are supporting your music.
• Spotify statistics showing number of plays based on age, gender or location.
• Automated accounting-create and send artist statements directly from your monthly royalty reports.
• Detailed analytics-monitor sales trends and analyze artist performance by store, country or genre.
• Use ‘Connect Tools’ to negotiate deals with Youtube promoters and get your music heard.
• Import your music directly from FUGA or Beatport – we’ll help you get your full back catalogue delivered to all stores.

• Customizable promo page and email template for each of your labels-add your label logo and colors. 
• Recipients have access to our fully featured promo system allowing easy access to your label’s promos with a useful search and a choice of delivery options and download methods.
• Send unlimited promo emails to DJs/Tastemakers/Radio Stations/Blogs with no download limits or bandwidth restrictions.
• Send your promos instantly or ata specified time-set a date for reminders to be sent or give recipients a unique link via social media.
• Create previews of tracks so recipients can skip intros and outros.
• Attach press packages, videos or additional artwork.
• Include existing recipient feedback for a release in future campaigns.
• Easily manage your contact lists and import them directly from Outlook.
• Enter recipient social media profiles to get updated stats daily.
• Choose to receive email notifications once a recipient has left feedback, or view an overview of activity with our promotion dashboard.
• Get all the information you need to analyze your campaigns with detailed graphs and analytics.
• Share live feedback with artists using a secure URL.
• Download detailed PDF reports including all statistics, quotes and feedback to share with your artists or press.
• Follow to Download-build up your social media presence be allowing free downloads of your tracks to those who sign in with Twitter, Soundcloud or Spotify. Viewers of your customizable page will automatically follow up to 5 specified accounts before being given download access. Link your Soundcloud account to allow viewers to automatically like and repost tracks.
• Share your music directly from your Triplepoint account to YouTube-videos can be made automatically using your release artwork.
• Share password protected files with peers and friends.
• Keep 90% of your royalties, get paid monthly.
• Keep all your earnings—or set up “splits” to automatically route any percentage ofearnings, from any track, to anyone.
• Upload royalty statements from any store or distributor in txt, csv or excel format, inany currency.
• Create and save your own templates to process statements in seconds-set up pre-allocations or approve matches based on past actions.
• Assign royalties to clients based on individual contracts or keep an ongoing balance.
• Separate royalties by store, country or by media type (streaming / download / ad-revenue etc.)
• Handle YouTube Ad-Revenue statements and correlate with asset files-link videos to releases, display video and channel data.
• Record label sales and expenses.
• Pay artists advances and fees.
• Send professional and detailed statements to your clients-receive alerts once invoices have been submitted and pay them instantly using our PayPal integration.
• Record licensing agreements and use them to allocate royalties-get alerts when report share received from other labels.
• Brand emails, reports and invoices with your own logo.
• Send invoices and request payments.
• Monitor your label’s finances with detailed graphs and analytics-monitor trends andartist performance over time by genre, country or release.

• Customizable demo submission page for each of your labels-add your label logo and colors.
• Option to embed your demo page within your own website.
• Demos sent to your unique email address are automatically parsed for demos, all other emails are forwarded to you.
• Waveform images or Soundcloud players are shown for every demo.
• Choose to receive email alerts each time a demo is uploaded.
• View social media stats for submitting artists-add favorite artists to your watch list to prioritize their demos.
• Ability to block artists based on email or IP address.
• Create automated replies and send responses to artists with a single click.
• Sort demos into folders and add comments to manage them effectively.
• Standard Features.
• Easy music management using our “FTP Repository”- upload your wave, flac, aiff or mp3 files through a browser or over ftp, or import them directly from Beatport, Baseware or FUGA.
• Easily make compilations from existing releases with our Compilation Builder tool.
• Upload your music directly to your Soundcloud account.
• Create additional user logins with unique permissions to run your label as a team.
• Schedule system to keep track of events-set up reminders via email or dashboard notification.

• Easy music management using our “FTP Repository”-upload your wave, flac, aiff or mp3 files through a browser or over ftp, or import them directly from Beatport, Baseware or FUGA.
• Easily make compilations from existing releases with our Compilation Builder tool.
• Upload your music directly to your Soundcloud account.
• Create additional user logins with unique permissions to run your label as a team.
• Schedule system to keep track of events-set up reminders via email or dashboard notification.