Dear Triplepoint | Label Engine Users,

When submitting a release for distribution, you can now provide specific artist IDs to ensure releases reach the artist profile you designate. It may require a few extra steps at first, but in the end it will save you the headache of not finding your release on the correct artist page (at least for Spotify and iTunes / Apple Music) on release day.

On the “Edit Release” page, under the “RELEASE DETAILS” section, a new section called “ARTIST PROFILES” has been added that requires you to link the Spotify and Apple artist profiles of your artists by searching via the button “Edit Profiles” below.

This “ARTIST PROFILES” section will appear automatically once an artist or remixer has been added to a track (with an unhidden alias).

A window will open from which you have the option to “Search” the profiles of the artists, or choose the option “Generate New Profile” by clicking on “Edit”

When searching for the artist profile, you can confirm that you are adding the correct artist ID by clicking “View” next to a profile in the search results.

If you have trouble finding an artist by searching just by name, you can search using the Spotify URI code of an artist (for example: spotify:artist:0pOf0CQbzWVo2rgrH9h0Rq) which can be generated on the page by entering the artist profile link.

Using the example above, the ID you would use to search for the artist on our platform is “0pOf0CQbzWVo2rgrH9h0Rq” (remove the prefix “spotify: artist:” before entering it in our search engine “Search”).

Once you have identified the correct profile, click “Select” to assign that artist ID to the release. Once you have completed this for Spotify, repeat the same process for Apple Music.

If you have additional questions about Artist ID, feel free to contact our support team at