Beatport refresh their Hard Techno and Hardcore Genre.

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After extensive international discussion and research, Beatport has announced they’ll be making some changes to both the ‘Techno’ and ‘Hardcore / Hard Techno’ sections on the store in the coming months.

They feel ‘Hardcore / Hard Techno’ section isn’t accurately representing both of the genres sufficiently. They’ll be relocating ‘Hard Techno’ into the ‘Techno’ section as a sub-genre. ‘Hardcore’ will be merged with ‘Hard Dance’ to make ‘Hardcore / Hard Dance’, which will be curated by Beatport’s newly appointed Hardcore expert.

By doing this, Beatport anticipates the affected labels and artists will not only gain more visibility, but it will also allow customers to properly locate their desired style of music. Hopefully, this will result in improved user experience and growth in revenue.