Play Groove LTD Vol. 1.

Play Groove LTD Vol. 1 (Vinyl Only)
Artist(s): Sebastian Ledher, Alex Ground, Unknown Collective, Daniel Meister (Various Artists)
Cat Number | Label: PGVINYL001 / Play Groove
Genre(s): House, Minimal, Tech, Vinyl Only



The label ‘Play Groove’ by Sebastian Ledher, has grown in the digital market steadily in recent years, since it emerged to become one of the most respected Minimal Deep Tech labels on the scene. It has given visibility to new emerging talents and not just big names.

Now they want to show their most exquisite and underground, confirming their prolific inspiration when it comes to their personal label.

The Colombian DJ and producer, presents a tremendous Various Artist in side A. We found Sebastian Ledher and Alex Ground. On the side B. Unknown Collective and Daniel Meister.

Taking 4 quality cuts to create a versatile Vinyl, once again demonstrating his skills in the studio, is also showing us his most artistic part with his artwork for the cover, with this initiative seeks to capture that magical connection between music and the art. This nuanced fusion of intellect makes it an innovative product, inspires the senses and creates memorable sensory experiences. It is precisely what Sebastian Ledher wants to achieve.

In the Various Artist, we will find new talents as well as some well-known names, a collection that goes from the Microhouse with deep / minimal touches. With a polished and blunt bass line. That surround with their elegant and minimalist groove, the tracks are focus on the groovy, which sounds along with deep synthesizers and with a light touch of acid, and atmospheres of pads and sequences of celestial chords that filter into the mix, together with heavy drums contrasted by light snares and voices that come and go with obscenely hypnotic LFO games, that complement them superbly. The tracks are a roller coaster of emotions.

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