Dear Triplepoint Users,

Firstly, we would like to say a massive thank you to all of the producers, artists, labels, singers, writers, distributors and the supporters of our scene for making 2021 a great year for our music. Considering the continued challenges we are all faceing – this is no small accomplishment. We are both thankful and grateful for your continued trust in us and our site, and for allowing us to do what we love most. It really is an honor to have you with us on this journey 🙏.

As we get ready to roll out our Best of 2021 campaign, we want you to know that your ‘Year In Review’ badge, that showcases the number of features and chart positions you’ve held throughout 2021, is now ready for you to start sharing with your audience!

Like last year, your “Year In Review” badges can be found on your Artist and Label pages.

*PLEASE NOTE: Although we have auto-generated a much larger amount of badges this year, yours may still require one additional step, noted below

Here is what to do:

1. Go to your Artist and/or Label Page on Traxsource.
2. Click the badge icon to show your badge image (pictured below)
3. When your badge opens, right click on the image and save it (or drag and drop)
4. Share it on your social media profiles and make sure to tag @traxsource

* If there is no badge icon on your Artist/Label page:
Email our label support team at labelsupport@traxsource.com with the following information.

1. Email Subject: “2021 In Review Badge”
2. Traxsource URL link(s) to your Artist and / or Label pages you would like us to generate.
3. Allow 24-48 hours, and check your page(s) for the badge, then follow the Instructions.

We thank you for an amazing year on Traxsource!

Please don’t hesitate to reach us at info@triplepointmusic.com if you have any questions regarding Traxsource badge.